Life Worksheet Assessment

[This is a personal journalizing exercise made public.  May not be of any use to the majority, but just wanted to keep track of my journaling in a public way.]

This is a quick outline of what is important in my life.  The approach is to first identify what’s important.  The next step is to ask why and look to weed out or reconsider list and restate.


  • Health
    • does not adversely affect:
      • mobility
      • energy
      • quality of life
      • social
    • importance:
      • endless energy
      • mental clarity
      • free of sickness / infections / ailments
    • Systems:
      • Energy
      • Mental clarity
      • Structure (bones, joints, muscles, etc.)
      • Repair, Rest, Growth
      • Elimination / Detox
  • Family Relationships
    • events
    • places
  • Social / Community
    • volunteer/service/fulfillment
  • Spiritual
    • gratitude
  • Vocation / Business / Service
    • Build a self-sufficient business;
    • Create multiple streams of income that can self-sustain
  • Travel / Memories
    • with family
    • with friends


  • I don’t want to get overwhelmed and start dropping balls – like i did back in sophomore year biting off more than i could chew. signing up for the work but not keeping up with the work.
  • Always prepping but never executing successfully/completely to an end.
  • I’m running out of time.
  • I can’t find my passion.
  • I need organization.
  • I can’t focus.
  • I am afraid to fail.
  • I’m shy/introverted.
  • I need to setup infrastructure first.
  • I don’t have money to get into real estate.
  • The market is too expensive to get into.
  • It’s hard to find opportunities in real estate.
  • I don’t have a system to find real estate opportunities.
  • I don’t have my services defined for tech.
  • I don’t have a plan.
  • I don’t have a schedule.
  • My room is a mess.
  • I don’t have my priorities established.
  • I’m in a lot of debt.
  • I’m not making enough income to cover expenses.

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